BLOK Biltong Spicy Flavored Air Dried Grass-Fed Beef Hand Sliced High Protein (30g) Gluten Free Paleo Friendly All Natural Snack - 2oz - 6 Pack

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BLOK Biltong was built on the foundational belief that food can be GOOD for your taste buds and your body equally and that you do not need to sacrifice either value! Blok Biltong Air-Dried Beef Slices 

Made of juicy slices of American steak, they’ll highlight a Charcuterie board and effectively treat your hanger (anger that comes from being hungry)! Created without the use of preservatives or additives, its protein-packed and savory texture come from a combination of its 15 grams of protein per serving and the premium way the meat is processed! 

A Charcuterie Option That Complements Diets: 

Finding convenient snack options when you’re on a diet can feel like searching for needles in a haystack! Fortunately, these air-dried beef slices pack a ton of flavor without sugar, carbs, gluten, soy, or sugar, making them perfect for Keto, Paleo, and the Carnivore Diet! 

Simply the Best Process 

We make our Blok Biltong air-dried beef slices by marinating the slices in vinegar, salt, and spice, then rinsing them with a diluted solution of vinegar/spice mix and more fresh spices, and then hanging it up to dry for 18 days in a controlled cool air environment. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee We hope you love every bite of this convenient, protein-rich snack, so if you’re unsatisfied with any part of it, please contact us for an exchange or refund!